Friday, 14 May 2010

Oxford ArtWeeks

Yesterday, I went to visit some galleries in Jericho as part of Artweeks. I’m no expert, but really liked the work of local artists Morna Rhys (printmaking and etching) and Neil Drury (oils, pastels, mixed media). I think I will get the pastels out this weekend and have a go. Neil’s work was so cheerful and vibrant, but still elegant and tasteful. Morna’s work (pictured) was haunting, quite spooky etches in moonlight blues and greens. Anyone who went to school with me will know that I’m not a bad sketcher and have a certain amount of natural talent, but with absolutely no artistic imagination. All I can really do is plagiarise other people’s work. Even my still life composition sucks. So every now and again I see something I like and have a go at replicating it. A lot of people in my paternal family are artistic. I’m glad they are pursuing it. I made a practical decision aged 18 that although I enjoyed art immensely, it wasn’t a viable way to make a living, especially for someone with no artistic vision like me. I sometimes wish that I had considered it more carefully before discarding it.
So, I have decided to become more creative in my spare time. There are so many things I want to try my hand at, and I hope to start with a 2 day ceramics course in Raku pottery. I saw it on Escape to the Country and can’t wait to have a go. Oh my goodness check this out! I did a Google image search for Raku Pottery and look what I found instead! This is called a Raku sleeping bag, basically a sleeping bag with arms and a hood, and a drawstring footbox section allowing you to move around! Hmm... I am currently shopping around for sleeping bags for Canada…


  1. Hopefully booking a Raku workshop for the Mill sometime in the new year- i'll do it with you if you like! I keep meaning to have a go. Love Morna's work, just been checking out her website. Makes my woodcuts look rather childish. And your kind of right- art isn't a viable way to make a living!!

  2. its never to late Gemma to tap into your creative side and the painting you gave me for my wedding holds pride of place in my flat and i love it. Its great you want to tap into that side of youself xx